People come to this hotel to be insulted, people pay big money to be insulted, know the reason


This is an expensive hotel. how expensive 20 thousand rupees per night. A woman went to this hotel. It felt like drinking hot water. There was no animal in the room, only its lower half. The woman called the receptionist. This is such an expensive hotel, any guest needs hot water. In such circumstances it can generally be assumed that the receptionist would have arranged the water. But it didn't happen. The receptionist sternly asked the woman to drink water from the sink.

Then asked about making tea. and asked the receptionist how to make tea with tap water. To this the receptionist replied that use your common sense. Before you think the receptionist was rude to the lady, . In fact, that receptionist knew exactly what she was doing. That is why he was hired. Meant to insult the people visiting the hotel.

The woman was also humiliated by going to that hotel. And many people like him come to this hotel for this purpose. According to a report, this hotel, which costs Rs 20,000 per day, does not even have basic requirements. There are also things like towels and toilet rolls. And when we ask for things, we are insulted. Sometimes profanity is also used.

Interestingly, this hotel is famous for this reason. People pay big money to be insulted here. It is said to be the only strange hotel of its kind in the world.

The name of this hotel in London is – Karen Hotel. There is a similar restaurant chain. Which is famous for this reason. The name is Karen Diener. Karen Hotel is also a part of this Karen Diner chain. In 2021, a similar service was launched from Karen Diner Restaurant. After this it was launched in Britain.


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