Know the guidelines of WHO to eat so much salt in a day


Health Tips: If there is no salt in the food, then the whole taste becomes bad, but if there is more salt in the food, then the taste of the food becomes bad. Salt is also good for our health but it is important to eat it in proper quantity. If you eat more salt, it can cause health issues.

The ‘World Health Organization’ (WHO) has issued new guidelines on salt in food; In which it is said that to stay healthy, a person should eat only 5 grams of salt a day; Although most people use twice as much salt in their food.

Balance of sodium and potassium is essential

WHO has developed a ‘Global Sodium Benchmark form Sodium Levels in Food’ for sodium levels across the world; In which more than 60 food categories have been included to save people’s lives. New standards have been created regarding sodium in these foods.

It is estimated that this will reduce global salt consumption by 30 percent by 2025. In fact, it is important to have a balanced amount of potassium and sodium in our body. If more sodium goes into the body with less potassium, it can harm the health. Using more salt in food increases the risk of blood pressure, heart problems and stroke. Eating too much salt also weakens the bones.

Salt is very important to keep the body fit. Salt is very important for making healthy plasma and keeping the nervous system healthy, but by eating many things, the amount of salt in our body starts increasing rapidly. Processed food such as packaged food, dairy and meat products, processed food, spices and salt are also high in salt.

Salt is essential for our body. This keeps our body active. Salt keeps our body hydrated. Apart from this, salt is also helpful in keeping the thyroid healthy. People who have low blood pressure are relieved by eating salt.

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