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Sitting and working in front of the computer all day long is the main cause of headache. Most of the people avoid it considering it as trivial. Usually a minor headache can also be a sign of a bigger problem. The pain arising in the head gradually spreads to the whole body and can also prove to be the cause of a fatal disease. Actually, there are many physical diseases in which headache is a common thing. Let’s know, the reason of headache (Reasons of headache)

Some of the primary reasons that can prove to be the cause of headache are

According to the Mayo Clinic, alcohol, especially red wine, can cause headaches.
Processed meat can also prove to be the cause of headache. Actually, the amount of nitrate in it is high.
This type of problem can also increase due to change in sleep or lack of sleep.
This problem also occurs due to poor sleeping posture at night.
Some people give up miles in order to lose weight, according to the Mayo Clinic. Which works to increase the problem.
Stress and anxiety about anything can also increase headache.

Depression can become the cause of headache. Image shutterstock.


due to not taking the right diet on time body gas problem starts being generated. Junk food affects our body in many ways and acidity is the main reason for it. Due to this, headache and sometimes back pain starts.

heavy drinking

Drinking too much alcohol also brings many changes in the body. not only blood flow affected It happens and the whole blood does not circulate. Headache starts due to the inability of blood to reach the veins of the head. Apart from this, smoking also harms the body and excessive smoking can be harmful for the body.

benefits of acupressure

According to Reiki expert Acharya Girish, acupressure is given through lentils or rings on the fingers of the hands and feet. This gives benefit of headache. For this, keep both the hands on each other and then massage with the thumbs and middle finger of the hands. According to Reiki experts, repeating this process two to three times a day gives a lot of relief from headache.

Headache can also be caused by gas
Headache can also be caused by gas. Image: shutterstock

Water intake is important

Lack of water in the body also causes headache. In this situation, drink lukewarm water one by one. Due to this, the water level in the body becomes normal. After that, relief from headache starts slowly.

smell of cloves

Fry the cloves a little and then tie it in a muslin cloth. Smell it for a while. You will find that you are getting relief slowly.

other prescriptions

Cut the apple into four slices and apply salt on it. Sprinkling salt on apple and eating it also gives relief from headache.
Boil some mint leaves and black pepper in water and then drink it as a decoction. This also reduces the pain.
Apart from this, medical examination is also very important. If you are not getting relief from headache. So do consult a doctor.
If you are suffering from some serious illness, then avoid taking headache lightly.

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