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Bureau Report: Kirandeep Kaur, wife of Waris Punjab chief Amritpal Singh, has been barred from going to Britain for the third time. They had to catch a flight from Delhi airport to Birmingham, but Kirandeep Kaur has been sent back from the airport itself.

It is being told that before this, Kirandeep Kaur had tried to go to Britain twice, but she was sent back from the airport. On July 14, he left for Britain but was not allowed to go. Earlier, even before Amritpal Singh’s surrender, Kirandeep Kaur had tried to catch a flight from Amritsar Airport to Birmingham on April 20, but she was sent back after a long interrogation by the authorities.

At that time, it was believed that Amritpal Singh was not caught by the police, so Kirandeep Kaur might have been stopped. However, only after 3 days, Amritpal Singh surrendered in Rode village. After that, Kirandeep Kaur did not try to go to Britain. In Dibrugarh Jail, he was going to meet the Chief Minister of Punjab, Amritpal, every Thursday. During the last days, he also shared information about Amritpal Singh’s hunger strike by raising the issue of phone and food, after which he was allowed to call the family members. Kirandeep Kaur is a British citizen, so why is she being stopped by the agency.

According to the information, since Kirandeep is the wife of Amritpal Singh and NSA has been registered against her and if there is a need to interrogate the wife then the Indian agencies may face difficulty, that is why the agencies do not want to let Kirandeep Kaur out of India until the investigation is completed.


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