Is there a dispute between England’s coach and Captain Jos Buttler, maybe because of this the team is not losing? | icc world cup 2023 jos buttler and matthew mott have conflict know full detail in punjabi punjabi news

World Cup 2023 (World Cup 2023) We already know the condition of England in Last year’s champions are playing worst this year. England is at the bottom of the points table of the 10 teams playing in the tournament. This means that his hopes of reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup are almost over. However, the problem facing England is not just this one ICC event.

After their poor performance here, it has become difficult for them to even qualify for the 2025 Champions Trophy. England’s path became more difficult when India defeated them by a huge margin of 100 runs. Along with this, after the defeat against India, England’s coach Matthew Mott says that he came to know about the qualifying rule only 90 minutes i.e. an hour and a half ago.

Now the question is what England (England)There is no communication between the coach and the captain? That’s because the mathematics of qualifying for the Champions Trophy 2025, which coach Matthew Mott figured out 90 minutes ago, was already known to England captain Jos Buttler. After the loss to India, in the post-match presentation, Jos Buttler was seen bluntly stating that he is aware of the Champions Trophy 2025 qualifying process.

The reason for England’s poor performance

Now why doesn’t the coach know what the captain knew? This means that there is no communication between the coach and the captain in the team. Is this not the real root of England’s poor performance in the World Cup? Let us tell you that in the 6 matches played so far in the World Cup 2023, the England team has won only 1 match. Means they have lost 5 matches. The condition of the defending champions of the tournament is worse than a weak team like Netherlands in this World Cup.