Interest-penalty waived on farmers' loans in Haryana amid farmers' agitation!


Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal has presented the last budget for the second time as the Finance Minister. While presenting the budget, the Chief Minister said that it is a matter of honor for me to present the budget for the fifth consecutive time. He said that this budget will be 1 lakh 89 thousand crore rupees which is 11 percent more than the previous budget.

Giving great relief to the people of Haryana, the Chief Minister announced that no new tax has been imposed this year. Along with this, during the march of farmers to Delhi, the Chief Minister has announced to waive the interest and penalty on the loans of 5 lakh 47 thousand farmers of Haryana.

During this announcement, CM Manohar said that I am a farmer's son, I understand the pain. I myself have farmed and farmed. One thousand crore rupees will be spent for urban development in Haryana. It is proposed to allocate Rs 7,276.77 crore for rural areas. The ex-gratia amount of 50 lakh rupees given to the families of soldiers who died in the war will be increased to 1 crore rupees.

Chief Minister Khattar said that the Haryana government understands the contribution of our farmers and we are committed to contribute our best and stand by them in every possible way. So far, an amount of Rs 297.58 crore as compensation has been directly deposited in the accounts of farmers.

The Chief Minister said that for the financial year 2023-24, a target was set to improve 50,000 acres of saline and waterlogged areas during the year 2023-24 through the e-compensation portal. An area of ​​52,695 acres has been improved using sub-surface and vertical drainage techniques at a cost of Rs.80.40 crore.

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Giving information on the issue of stubble burning, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said that under the plan to prevent stubble burning and reduce pollution, 1 lakh 56 thousand farmers have registered for the management of 14 lakh acres of land and an amount of Rs. 139 crore has been allocated for promotion. Amount given to farmers During 2023-24, stubble burning cases also fell by 67 per cent to 2,303 compared to the previous two years, while 6,987 were recorded in 2021-22.

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