Inauguration of School of Eminence, the biggest guarantee, Mann-Kejriwal’s rally, read full report – Punjabi news | school of eminence arvind kejriwal & cm bhagwant mann inaugurated first smart school in amritsar aap rally know full detail in punjabi

Inauguration of School of Eminence, the biggest guarantee, Mann-Kejriwal’s rally, read full report – Punjabi news |  school of eminence arvind kejriwal & cm bhagwant mann inaugurated first smart school in amritsar aap rally know full detail in punjabi


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann inaugurated the School of Eminence in Amritsar on Wednesday. After visiting Chheharta Eminence School, he reached the Ranjit Avenue rally venue. Where education revolution was announced in Punjab.

MoUs of BSNL and IBM were signed with the Education Department during the rally. Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains announced that now the children of government schools in Punjab will also get education in Artificial Intelligence (AI). By December, every school in Punjab will be connected with high speed internet and WiFi.

Kejriwal said- Leaders are afraid of elections

Arvind Kejriwal has congratulated Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann for starting School of Eminence. Meanwhile, he has also appealed to the people not to support One Nation One Election. Kejriwal said that one nation one election should never be allowed. They will ruin the country. Leaders are afraid of elections, they want to end these elections. When a leader comes to ask for votes, he leaves after saying four things. One Nation One Election will travel the world for four-and-a-half years and come into shape for six months.

He said that the government school of eminence is much better than the private schools of Punjab. Everything will change in Punjab from today. Parents will withdraw their children from private schools in Punjab and send them to this school. Auditorium, gym, sports, library, lab are all there. The biggest thing is that you see in any government school, no government teacher teaches his child in a government school, but the government school that we have inaugurated today, in which the teachers said, first our children were in private schools. used to study in, are now taking admission in government schools.

Buses will take children up to 30 km

He said that now school buses will cover a distance of 30 km to pick up the children. Happily, this work has been started from the holy land of Amritsar. We gave a guarantee before the elections, it is my responsibility to educate your children. The fulfillment of that dream has started from today. Work started in 117 schools in the first phase. There are 8200 seats in these schools, 1 lakh applications have come for admission here. Now the period of recommendation is going on in government schools.

Kejriwal’s new promise

Kejriwal said that the campaign against drugs is going on in Punjab, for which the Punjab Police deserves to be congratulated. Earlier the relatives of the leaders used to get drugs but now they will not take names.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal said- I am going with another promise. We will improve the condition of your 20 thousand schools. For one and a half thousand crore rupees, all the schools in Punjab will have desks, they will be cleaned, toilets will be clean. Watchmen, security guards and internet buses will be installed. From today something will start in every school across Punjab. It will take 4-5 years, but the work will start.

Targets on opponents of CM Mann

On the other hand, CM Bhagwant Mann said in his address that the previous governments had painted the smart school from the outside. Our teachers are very competent, but we did not have the infrastructure. We gave the infrastructure first. Sent teachers for training abroad and in IIMs.

Praising Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal, he said that he is experimenting in Delhi and getting appreciation by implementing it in Punjab. Talking about mohalla clinics, 50 lakh patients across Punjab have benefited from them. CM Mann said that he is standing here after distributing 36097 appointment letters in Guru Ki Nagri. People of Punjab are rejoicing after getting government jobs, which previous governments could never do before. His treasury was always empty.

The confidence of the people of Chief Minister Hon

On the other hand, Chief Minister Mann said that the biggest guarantee given by the Aam Aadmi Party before the assembly elections was education. We have fulfilled this guarantee with great enthusiasm. The first smart school is ready. Now admissions will start in government schools. It seemed impossible for Punjab, but everyone worked hard and our first Eminence School is ready.

Here parents have taken their children out of private schools and admitted them. This is the belief of parents. Now we have started the transport. Due to lack of transport, parents used to withdraw girls from school. People of Punjab used to see respect. But that won’t happen now.


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