In the case of train running without a driver, the department suspended 6 railway employees


Yesterday, a video of a train running without a driver and without a guard came out. Let us tell you that this train started from Jammu and reached Punjab. A major accident could have happened if the train was running like this. The railway department has taken a big action in this matter.

In fact, the railway department has suspended 6 railway employees in the case of running a train without a driver and a guard. The suspended railway employees include Station Master Kathua, Loco Pilot, Assistant Loco Pilot, Point Man, Traffic Inspector and Loco Inspector.

It is worth noting that without learning from the train accidents, the incompetence of the railway department came to the fore again on Sunday, when a freight train without a driver and without a guard ran at a speed of about 80 km and covered a distance of about 78 km. According to the details received, Sunday morning. M. T. The goods train ran on the track from Kathua without a driver and a guard.

After the running of this train, there was commotion in the railway department and a high alert was issued by the department. As soon as the information was received, declaring an emergency, orders were issued to close down the railway tracks and power supply at the railway stations like Pathankot Cantt, Mirthal, Bhangala, Makerian, Jalandhar and Ludhiana.

To reduce the speed of the train, the officials and G. R. P. The employees started placing big stones and big wooden balls to stop the vehicle. Finally, after a lot of struggle, this vehicle was slowed down and stopped at Uchi Bassi.

Jammu Tawi Express was delayed for two and a half hours due to this train running on Muharra track itself, while 'Vande Bharat' train and other trains were also affected. This accident is being investigated by the sub-division of the railway department.

The Railway Department had ordered a high-level inquiry, following which 6 employees have been suspended today.