ICC World Cup Final: How will Australia beat the team India that won ‘8 grounds’ before the World Cup final Punjabi news


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Sports News. Pat Cummins says he will celebrate the win in Ahmedabad. Narendra Modi will pierce the hearts of millions of fans sitting in the stadium and silence them. Will suppress their noise. But, the truth is that this time the hunter will become the victim himself. What happened 20 years ago in the history of the World Cup will not happen. Rather, it will be what the new India wants. Australia will lose, India will win and the same could be seen happening ahead of the final talking big. Because how can Australia defeat Rohit Sharma’s team India, which has already won the ‘8 grounds’ before winning the World Cup?

Now you will be surprised to know the reality of 8 field victory before winning the World Cup. But, these 8 victories of India are also associated with this World Cup. 8 Grounds win is related to Team India’s runs scored, average, strike rate, fifty plus score, wicket taking ability, bowling average, bowling strike rate and economy rate. Rohit Sharma has surpassed all the teams of the tournament in these 8 cases.

Even before the World Cup final, India won on ‘8 grounds’

Now we tell you one by one about the glory of Team India in these 8 cases. First of all let’s talk about the runs. Several teams scored over 400 more than once in the tournament. But, in the 10 matches played before the final, it was Team India who scored the highest total of 2810 runs. After India, if there was any team in this matter, it was South Africa with 2773 runs.

Indian batsmen dominated

In terms of batting average, India topped the table with 58.54. In this case, New Zealand was the second team with an average of 41.09. If we look at the strike rate, then India is leading in that too with 104.65. New Zealand are just behind with a batting strike rate of 103.23. Team India is also at number one in terms of scoring the highest fifty plus score. He has 23 fifty plus scores, while in this case New Zealand is the second number team with 20.

The bowlers also made an impact in India’s victory

Indian bowlers have been the most dominant in the World Cup 2023 and this is also visible in the statistics before the final match. While Indian bowlers have taken the most wickets so far with 95 wickets, South African bowlers are second with 88 wickets. Both the teams are in competition in terms of bowling average and strike rate. India have a bowling average of 20.90 and a strike rate of 26.5, while South Africa are second with an average of 26.40 and a strike rate of 29.1.

India was also number 1 in miserliness

Afghanistan seems to be giving competition to India in terms of best bowling economy. But even here, before the World Cup final, only Team India could win. India’s economy is 4.72 while Afghanistan’s economy is 5.35.

Input: Saket Sharma