Harbhajan Singh and Mohammad Aamir, who have been fighting on Twitter all night, ran away


Veteran Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh and former Pakistan pacer Mohammad Aamir have clashed on Twitter. While Aamir was constantly harassing Harbhajan Singh, Harbhajan gave sharp answers to Mohammad Aamir.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani bowler crossed the line of words, after which Harbhajan Singh shared an old video of the match between India and Pakistan, in which he hit a six to give India victory. At the same time, he said that the fixer should get rid of the sixer, Mohammad Aamir. Let us tell you how it all started. In fact, for the first time in the World Cup, India has lost to Pakistan. Prior to this match, Harbhajan Singh had quipped on the record of the Indian team against Pakistan in the World Cup. Harbhajan had said that given the old record, Pakistan should give a walkover to India.

Now the fight between Aamir and Harbhajan on social media started after the India-Pakistan match. When Aamir tweeted and asked if Harbhajan Singh did not break the TV. In response, Bhajji shared a video saying that now you will also say whether this six did not fall on your home TV. What’s more, the war of words between the two continued all night.

Aamir shared a video on Tuesday of the match in which Shahid Afridi hit four sixes off four balls by Harbhajan Singh. Sharing this, Aamir said, “Harbhajan Singh, I was busy watching this video when Lala hit four sixes on your ball. It may seem like cricket, but in Test cricket it has become a bit more.” Is In response, Harbhajan asked Aamir how the no-ball was at Lord’s, how much was taken and who gave it. How can Test cricket be nine balls? You and your supporters should be ashamed to discredit this beautiful game.

After Harbhajan Singh’s reply, Aamir went too far. He reminded Harbhajan Singh of Pakistan’s victory over India in the Twenty20 World Cup 2021 and also questioned Harbhajan’s bowling action. “Now look at us winning the World Cup,” Aamir said.

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Seeing Mohammad Aamir crossing the line of words, Harbhajan also had to share the video of the old match. In which India needed 3 runs and Harbhajan hit a six to win. The manner in which Aamir responded to Harbhajan’s sharing of the video has drawn a lot of criticism on social media. Fans are telling him the truth about the words used by Aamir.

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