Health Tips: Why should we eat seasonal daily? Know its amazing benefits

Mosambi Benefits: Consumption of Mossami is an important part of Indian food, you can definitely see Mossambi juice shops in most parts of the country. Many health benefits are hidden in this fruit. It is especially beneficial in summer, as it is rich in natural fluids, vitamins and minerals. Famous Indian nutritionist Nikhil Vats explains why we should eat sweet lime every day.

5 Benefits of Eating Seasonal Vegetables

1. Powerhouse of nutrients
Mossami contains a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber, which are beneficial for your body and its consumption prevents deficiency of many nutrients in the body.

2. Immunity will increase
Seasonal is rich in vitamin C, which boosts the body’s immunity and reduces the risk of colds, coughs, flu and other viral diseases.

3. Digestion will be fine
Mossami contains a good amount of fiber, which improves gut health. It improves digestion, relieves constipation, and keeps you light and active.

4. Weight will be less
Eating seasonally helps in weight control, as it is a low-calorie diet that prevents fat from hanging around the stomach and waist. People who are concerned about their fitness should definitely drink Mosambi juice.

5. Improve mental health
Consuming sweet lemon improves your mental health, which helps relieve stress and tension. It is no less than a drug to improve mental health.

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