Health Tips: Drinking the juice of this vegetable daily can cause terrible diseases, be careful


Lauki Juice Side Effects:Gourd consumption is considered very good for health. Consuming it provides relief from various physical ailments but do you know that excessive consumption of gourd juice can also harm the body. Let me tell you.

Diabetes: Be careful if you are a diabetic and drink bottle gourd juice daily, as it can cause your sugar level to drop too low, causing you to faint.

Blood Pressure Low: Daily consumption of bottle gourd juice in large quantity increases the problem of low BP. Also, drinking too much bottle gourd juice causes excess urination, which can lead to dehydration.

Thin blood: Consuming gourd juice is beneficial for paralysis patients, it helps in thinning their blood. Along with this, its excessive consumption can cause distress to the common person.

Digestive problems: People who have poor digestion may face stomach related problems after consuming it.

Pregnant women: Gourds contain oxalates, which can be harmful to pregnant women and their babies. Pregnant women should not drink gourd juice.


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