Health Tips: Do you eat yogurt daily? So first know its dangerous consequences…

Curd Side Effects On Health: Milk and anything made from it has always been considered very good for health. Especially yogurt. Some people eat curd with food. Yogurt contains a variety of nutrients.

So by eating curd, the body gets all the essential nutrients. Many people enjoy a variety of curd-based dishes like dahi bada, raita. He likes to eat curd every day.

In fact, yogurt contains many vitamins and minerals. So it comes in healthy food. But is eating curd daily beneficial for health? Experts have given their opinion about this.

He says that if you are healthy and still consume curd daily, it will not have any side effects. However, depending on the time of consumption of yogurt, it can cause harm or benefit. If yogurt is consumed at night, it can cause tightness in the chest. So let’s know what is the effect of daily consumption of curd on health…

1. Protein
Most of the things in our body are made of proteins. Because amino acids help most cells in the body grow. Eating yogurt gives you that essential protein. Muscles, skin, hair, nails, everything is made of protein. So if you eat curd daily, the body gets enough protein.

2. Probiotics
A person’s intestines contain many good bacteria through which food is digested. To ensure that these bacteria are present in the stomach, consumption of curd is essential. Yogurt maintains good bacteria in the body. Constipation, bloating and gas problems can be relieved by eating curd daily.

3. Calcium
Milk and all milk-based foods provide a healthy dose of calcium. Calcium makes the bones of the body strong. Therefore, by consuming yogurt, the lack of calcium in the body is completed and the bones do not become weak.

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