Health: The leaves of this fruit are no less than any medicine, they increase the platelet count rapidly, there is no need to take medicine.


Papaya Leaf Health Benefits: Dengue is raging these days. In the home treatment of dengue, people are usually advised to drink the juice of papaya leaves. This is because the properties present in papaya leaves help in increasing the blood platelet count rapidly.

The benefits of papaya leaves are not limited to this. Along with the fruits, these leaves also provide many health benefits. If you eat papaya, try drinking the juice or juice of these leaves occasionally. It not only works as an effective medicine in dengue, it also boosts the body’s immunity. Papaya leaf paste is useful for treating skin infections, wrinkles, pigmentation, wrinkles etc. Let’s know more health benefits of papaya leaves.

You will be amazed to know the health benefits of papaya leaves.

1. According to the news published in, its fruits, seeds, leaves are used to make various things and in folk medicine. Extracts, pills, juice etc. are made from papaya leaves, which are used to cure various diseases and maintain health.

2. If papaya leaves are used in dengue, symptoms of dengue can be reduced. It is very beneficial in dengue. Drinking papaya leaf juice is beneficial in case of low platelet count in dengue. Due to this, the number of platelets in the blood starts to increase.

3. Consuming papaya leaves is beneficial for diabetic patients. Consuming its extract can control blood sugar levels. It is very beneficial for controlling diabetes and blood sugar levels. It contains antioxidants and blood sugar lowering elements.

4. Consuming decoction, tea, juice made from papaya leaves can reduce the symptoms of stomach problems like gas, bloating, heartburn. You can consume papaya leaves in limited quantity to keep the digestion process fast. These leaves contain fiber and a compound called papain, which supports healthy digestion.

5. If you want to be protected from skin problems at an early age, you can chew papaya leaves. However, it is bitter and pungent in taste, so it is better to drink its juice. Also, by making a paste from the leaves, you can get rid of skin wounds, boils, wrinkles, freckles and pigmentation. It keeps the skin soft, clean and youthful.

6. Certain compounds and anticancer properties present in it can reduce the risk of various types of malignant cancers. In particular, it can significantly reduce the chance of prostate cancer and breast cancer cells growing. However, this is yet to be researched. Although papaya leaves and other antioxidant-rich foods may play a role in cancer prevention, they have not yet been proven to have any therapeutic potential.


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