Government employees of Punjab are also settling abroad, from education department to Punjab police are taking premature retirement.


Settling in Abroad: The craze of settling abroad is increasing not only among the youth of Punjab, but also among the employees and officials posted in government jobs. In this regard, they are leaving their good jobs and taking early retirement.

Let us tell you that this trend is being seen in various departments from the Education Department to the Punjab Police. Not only this, there are also some people who are going out on ex-India leave, after which they are not joining their services. Later, after giving several opportunities, the government had to suspend him from his services. In such a situation, all the rules have been tightened since X India Leave.

According to Punjab Police sources, around 40 police personnel and officers have opted for premature retirement in a year. This trend is not only limited to junior officers, but six out of five years, senior officers are also going abroad with VRS.

Talking about Ludhiana Police Commissioner alone, in the last three years, 91 police personnel ranging from constables to assistant sub-inspectors have taken premature retirement. Among them there are 47 ASI, 31 constables, eight head constables and five sub-inspectors.

Let us tell you that the number of people leaving the police service was the highest in 2020. When 30 police personnel including 18 constables and 12 sub-inspectors took VRS. In 2021, Ludhiana had 26 police officers, including 13 constables, seven ASIs and six head constables.

In the year 2022, this number increased to 28. Of these, five sub-inspectors, 21 ASIs and two head constables opted for voluntary retirement. Seven ASIs have already taken VRS this year.

The number of teachers who go abroad is more

Every year many teachers from Punjab apply to go abroad. According to the data from 2013 to 2018, 304 teachers have been fired for not returning from abroad in 6 years. It also included 64 percent female teachers.

In the session 2021-22, 3537 teachers applied for leave. Of these, 1571 were rejected. Not only this, women teachers of four districts are not joining duty from 2021. The education department has given them an opportunity to present their side in 15 days on Wednesday.

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