Gold smuggling being conducted from Dubai with a bribe of 20 thousand rupees, two arrested – Punjabi news | Gold smuggling is being done by giving a bribe of 20 thousand rupees, know full details in punjabi

Punjab News The police have busted an international gold smuggling gang. Two accused have also been arrested by Ludhiana police. Gold paste was made and sent in passengers’ luggage from Dubai. accused Amritsar (Amritsar) They used to identify passengers from Rajasansi Airport and collect gold paste from them. The accused used to give cash of twenty thousand rupees to the rider, from which they would take the goods and leave themselves. After this, the accused would go back with the goods.

When the police got the information, based on that information, the two accused Ludhiana (Ludhiana) Controlled in One kilo, 230 grams of gold, country pistol and five cartridges have been recovered from both of them. The mastermind of the gang is based in Dubai. He used to sell gold paste to travelers from Dubai to India.

Both the arrested accused are from Saharanpur

The police Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh) A case has been registered against Azad Singh, a resident of village Gadola in Saharanpur district (he lives in a rented house in Amritsar) and Ashu Kumar of Saharanpur. After interrogation, the names of Azad Singh’s brother-in-law Punit Singh alias Guru alias Pankaj resident of Dubai and his partner Parvinder Singh resident of Dubai have also come out. Police Commissioner Mandeep Singh Sidhu said that the team of CIA 2 had blockaded near Jalandhar Bypass.

The mastermind lives in Dubai

On the basis of the information, the accused were arrested and one kg of gold powder was recovered from their possession. During the interrogation, it was revealed that gold was being smuggled in the form of paste. On his information, 230 grams of gold powder was recovered from Amritsar. Accused Azad Singh’s brother-in-law Punit Singh lives in Dubai and his accomplice Parvinder Singh is also in Dubai.

’50 kilos of gold have been smuggled’

Both used to give gold in the form of paste to the passengers there and send them photos on WhatsApp. He used to meet passengers at Amritsar airport, identify them and take gold paste and give them twenty thousand rupees. The accused told the police that gold was not caught in the machine because it was a paste. According to Police Commissioner Mandeep Singh, the accused have so far smuggled around fifty kg of gold in the form of paste.

They used to give greed to naive people

Police Commissioner said that Punit alias Guru is the mastermind of this gang. He used to pick people to smuggle from Dubai who looked innocent and whom no one could suspect. He used to ask them to deliver their goods to the airport by giving them the lure of money. During the investigation, the police recovered a diary from the accused. The diary contains the full account of gold smuggling.

So far, the list of more than 50 people has reached the police. A special thing about this gang is that every time a new person is sent for smuggling. Of the 50 people the police found records of in the diary, there was not a single person who was involved in re-trafficking.

A golden bag used to be the coat word

Police said that the mastermind used to send the smugglers to India by affixing a code word on their bags. The bag and the photo of the person will be with the smugglers in India. By looking at the bag and the code word tag at the airport, smugglers could easily identify the passenger who had brought the gold from Dubai.

To bring transparency in gold smuggling, smugglers based in India used to make a video of a few seconds of a passenger coming from Dubai. In the video, they were asked if they faced any kind of trouble during the flight. . The video of the passenger bringing the gold was sent to Dubai, after which the passenger was paid Rs 20,000.

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