Fed up with the in-laws, the soldier boarded the tank, stole the Icard of the husband who was on leave, and the wife ran away, demanding Rs. 30: Video

The army soldier guarding the country on the borders was forced to climb on the tank today for his pride and justice. Let us tell you that the case is in Thuliwal village of Barnala, where a soldier Jagsharan Singh has been suffering due to his family dispute for the last 3 years. According to the information, the young man climbed on the water tank and accused his wife and in-laws.

It is to be noted that the soldier is posted on duty in Srinagar in the Sikh regiment. He came home during leave and on November 1 he is to return to Srinagar on duty but his wife has taken his ID card and is demanding a divorce. is
The soldier is now demanding justice.