Farmers’ wheel jam in Ludhiana, 6 roads closed, these demands put before the administration…

Ludhiana: Farmers of Punjab blocked six roads of Ludhiana today. The reason for this is the suicide of Sukhwinder Singh, a farmer living in Ludhiana who was a victim of land mafia fraud. Angry farmers have blocked six roads and are sitting on dharna until justice is not given in the case.

According to the news of Dainik Bhaskar, the Sidhupur farmers’ organization has demanded justice by getting the matter investigated by the SIT. But due to no hearing from the police-administration, Dildar Singh, the brother of the deceased farmer, and Kaka Singh Kotra, the general secretary of the Punjab Kisan Organization, are on a death fast. The farmers said that the land mafia took a stay from the High Court and SIT. has ended . They have again demanded an investigation from the SIT.

The farmers organization said that farmer Sukhwinder Singh had sold his seven and a half acres of land in the year 2004 but a land mafia has cheated the farmer by changing the date of the land agreement from 1 to 21. Farmer Sukhwinder Singh had to fight with the courts and police officers continuously for the past twenty years. All his capital was invested in cases.

Fed up with this, he recently committed suicide in frustration. The Sidhupur Farmers’ Association spoke to the police-administration regarding the matter. But due to no action, the body of the deceased farmer Sukhwinder Singh is still lying in the hospital.

Despite this, when there was no hearing, Punjab General Secretary Kaka Singh Kotra and the brother of the deceased farmer, Dildar Singh, sat on a death fast about ten days ago. Then blockaded six points of Punjab in Ludhiana.

Farmers said that the paddy crop in the fields is almost ready. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann had said that farmers will get uninterrupted electricity and their motors will have to be switched off. But still there is not enough electricity in the fields. Due to this the crops are getting damaged.

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