CM Mann’s warning to the rasukhdars, said – leave it till May 31, otherwise encroachment from government lands…


Punjab CM Mann: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has given a stern warning to the rasukhdars who are illegally encroaching on government lands. He said that the people who are illegally encroaching on Panchayat, Shamlat, Forest Department land or any other place should vacate their possession before May 31. From June 1, the Punjab government will start a campaign to get rid of illegal possessions by taking strict legal action. The Chief Minister has shared this by tweeting.

Bhagwant Mann said in a tweet, “Those who have illegally encroached on Panchayat, Shamlat, Forest Department or any other government lands in Punjab are requested to vacate their possession by May 31.. Because the Punjab Government has 1 From June, a campaign to get rid of illegal possession will be started by taking strict legal action.”

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Kuldeep Dhaliwal gave orders to the officials

Punjab Rural Development and Panchayat Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal has instructed all the District Development and Panchayat Officers (DDPO) of the state to release the illegal encroachments on government panchayat lands across the state by June 10. He said that during the first phase last year, around 9400 acres of government panchayat lands have been freed from illegal possession and this should be accelerated this year. Dhaliwal said that apart from the lands stayed by the court, possession should be taken from the lands on which the illegal occupants are still sitting by June 10.

Also, Panchayat Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal said that a minimum amount of 15,000 rupees will be fixed for the bidding of land and the land contract will be paid in cash from the successful bidder. He took serious note of the fact that many land holdings in the state are being leased out on a meager basis, due to which the government exchequer is suffering huge losses.

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