Chemical spread in the air of Ludhiana, difficulty in breathing, burns in the eyes Punjabi news

The air of Ludhiana has become toxic once again. After the chemical spread in the transport town here, people have started complaining of burning eyes and difficulty in breathing. After the incident, the police administration has come into action, but the local people allege that no team from the district administration and health department has reached the spot yet.

The preliminary investigation revealed that a truck had come near Transport Nagar, from which the chemical fell on the road. As soon as these chemicals came into contact with the air, people started having difficulty breathing. The effect of the chemical is visible in an area of ​​2 km.

Locals reported that the eyes were burning and no one could keep their eyes open for long. There is also difficulty in breathing.

No action was taken for two hours

Local people say that they are facing trouble due to chemical spillage in Transport Nagar for the last two hours. PCR teams of police reached the spot. The district administration and health department have also been informed in this regard, but no effort has been made by these departments.

The police took care of the front

Some PCR teams have reached the spot after the incident. The chemical spill site has been identified. The police are trying to ensure that no one goes near him. The police is trying to find out from which truck the chemical was dumped.