‘Channi was scared and licked’! ‘You are crying, I want to cry too’! ‘I will come to you myself from prison’! ‘Vir stands with you’!

Bureau report : Vigilance is tightening on former Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi. The department has asked him for details of the property. Meanwhile, the opposition, especially the Akali Dal, seems to be under intense pressure. Especially Bikram Singh Majithia whom Channi sent to jail in a drug case while he was CM. Majithia is raising questions about being emotional while registering a case against Charanjit Singh Channi by Vigilance. They said that when you filed a complaint against me, you were very angry, now what happened to you?

‘I will come to you from jail, Channi brother’

“I want to tell Jugnu not to bother Honey, Channi, Mani, Honey is in love with Channi and Channi is in love with Manni, don’t bother Jugnu,” Majithia said without taking the CM. Again he said, I feel sorry for the former chief minister. , I will also tell you to take care of yourself, don’t lose heart and fight hard. I see that Channi cries every day, seeing her makes me cry too. When leaflets were made on us, he used to be very angry, whatever he did, he would also fill them. After speaking against former Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi, Majithia’s next target was Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa.

Mann besieged the government over Randhawa

Majithia surrounded the then Prisons Minister Sukhjinder Randhawa in the case of Mukhtar Ansar, he said that Mukhtar Ansari was brought to Punjab by filing a false FIR in the case of threatening the homeland builder and he was beheaded. When I was going to ask questions to the then Congress government in the Vidhan Sabha, the then Jails Minister Sukhjinder Randhawa used to walk out. Majithia said that Umang, the owner of Homeland Builder is also responsible in this matter, there should be a leaflet against him as well, but due to the fixed match, the government will not honor him because he did most of the finance to the common man in the elections. Majithia asked why the then minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa has not been questioned till now. Majithia asked that the government says that we will collect the money from those people who have kept Ansari in Punjab, but are refraining from taking action.

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