Canada’s counterattack in response to India’s three actions!

Bureau Report: After the three-person action taken by India against Canada in the Hardeep Singh Nijhar case, Canada has also responded. Canada’s Speaker Raymonde Gage is not joining the P20 summit of the world’s parliament speakers at the G20 summit. Although earlier there was talk of his joining. But after India’s action, now Canada has pulled back. Earlier, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla had said that he would raise several issues before the Senate Speaker of Canada during the P20 summit, including the Nijhar issue. PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate the 9th P20 Summit on October 13.

Earlier, India had asked 41 Canadian diplomats to leave India by October 10. India argued that diplomats of both countries should be equal under the Vienna Agreement. Canada still has more than 60 diplomats in India. While India has 20 diplomats in Canada. After the news of this decision of India, the statement of Prime Minister of Canada Justice Trudeau also came out that we want good relations with India. Diplomats in India are necessary for Canadian citizens. However, Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi alleged that Canada’s additional diplomats interfere in our internal affairs. So we want to have equal ambassadors in both the countries. When the spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs was asked about the deadline for the Canadian diplomat to leave India, he categorically refused to divulge the information. He said that these two countries are talking about it. This statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India came just a few hours after the statement of the Foreign Minister of Canada about back door diplomacy.

Start a closed door conversation?

On the other hand, according to the UK’s Financial Times, closed-door talks have started between Canada and India. Last month, a meeting was held between Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar and Canada’s Foreign Minister Melanie Jolly.
However, this has not been verified by India. But during the last few days Canada’s Foreign Minister Jolly had definitely pointed to it. He had said that we are in touch with India. The safety of Canadian diplomats is very important for us. We will continue private talks with India. Because matters of diplomacy can be better settled by negotiation.

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