Canada is going to stop the number of students! The big statement of the minister came out


Immigration Minister Mark Miller's big statement has come amid rising unemployment and housing crisis in Canada. They are considering the possibility of limiting the number of international students staying in the country in the next few months. The minister did not say how much the government plans to cut the immigration system.

According to a news channel report, during an interview, the minister said that “this is a conversation that the federal government will need to have with the state governments to ensure that the states that are not doing their job are actually given Those numbers should be curbed.”

Canada plans to put cap on number of international students; move likely to  affect Indians : The Tribune India

On the number of international students in Canada, he said, “This amount is alarming. It really is a system that has gotten out of control.

Miller said he would consider the possibility of setting a cap on international students to help reduce housing demand in the first and second quarters of this year.

“We need to do our job and make sure we have a system that actually makes sure people have the financial ability to come to Canada,” Miller said. We actually verify offer letters. Now is the time for us to talk about quantity and effectiveness in some areas.

Miller said putting limits on international students would not be a “one-size-fits-all solution” to housing shortages across Canada.

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Miller said the federal government is considering and will continue to consider setting limits on international students.

The Canadian government has faced criticism for welcoming an increasing number of immigrants, both permanent and temporary, while the country faces a severe housing shortage. The federal government was warned by public servants two years ago that its ambitious immigration targets could threaten housing affordability.

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