Brokerage Firm Liked Union Budget 2023. This general budget was special for domestic and foreign brokerage firms, know about it

Photo: CANVA This is how the General Budget 2023 was for domestic and foreign firms, know about it

Budget 2023: The country’s general budget-2023 has been presented on February 1, 2023, where the government has made many important announcements keeping in mind every sector. Let us tell you that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the General Budget-2023 in the Parliament, while in the budget she made important announcements taking better care of all sections and all sectors. On the other hand, experts associated with brokerage firms believe that the Budget-2023 has been described as satisfactory for themselves. According to experts, in Budget-2023, emphasis on capital expenditure, streamlining of taxes, etc. have been given better attention. Let us know what important proposals the government has put forward for domestic and foreign brokerage firms.

The government took care of these aspects of domestic and foreign brokerage firms

Let us tell you that every aspect of the financial stability of domestic and foreign brokerage firms has been taken care of in Budget-2023, where the assumptions about taxes are looking realistic. Let us tell you that RBI may have to support government bond purchase again in the second half of FY-2024, in such a situation, equity strategists believe that Budget-2023 is positive in terms of infrastructure and capital expenditure, as it includes capital expenditure. A huge amount has been earmarked for

Positive effects can be seen on these

Let us inform that 50 basis points fiscal integration for the financial year-2024, 24% increase in the proposed adjusted capital expenditure etc., 2% non-capital expenditure has been incurred in the pre-election year. On the other hand, the change of these things is now being estimated for the future, where in the financial year-2023, the increase in capital expenditure has been 8%, while the target was set at 14%. At the same time, it is estimated that it may have a positive impact on pipe companies like ITC, L&T, as well as negative impact on insurance and marketing companies.

The government did not present the budget-2023 in a populist way, this can make a difference

The Modi government has not presented a populist Budget 2023, while neither increasing the pace of capital expenditure nor major changes in taxation can make a big difference. The estimate of 5.9% deficit in FY-2024 and later trying to bring it down to 4.5% of GDP has become more challenging and difficult.

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