Are you addicted to scrolling through Instagram and Facebook? Learn how to save from doctors how to overcome from social media habbit Instagram facebook know from doctors full detail in punjabi Punjabi news


You're scrolling through social media and see that a friend got a new car, but you don't own a car yet. This makes you think that I should have a car too, but if it doesn't, it feels bad. Then sometimes you see that relative who posts photos on Instagram wearing new clothes every day, but you're doing it. Depression is on the rise due to feelings of inferiority and not being able to be like others, leading to deteriorating mental health. According to psychiatrists, excessive use of social media is damaging mental health.

Regarding this, psychologist Dr. AK Kumar says that some people use social media for more than 5 to 6 hours a day. In such a case, they get used to it. Just as alcohol and cigarettes become addictive, social media is also becoming addictive. People have started living in a virtual world. Due to which mental health is deteriorating. The desire to be like others is destroying mental peace. In such a situation, it is important that you protect yourself from the growing addiction of social media. If not, it can seriously affect your mental health. Which can also lead to severe depression in some cases.

How to get rid of social media addiction

Regarding this, Dr. Kumar explains that first of all you have to make sure in your mind that you do not use social media for less than 1 hour a day. If possible, stop using it for a few days. If you are not able to do that, then make sure that when you are awake at night for some reason, never check the status and do not use Instagram. Doing so can lead to sleep deprivation, which later leads to depression.

Fix a time

We have a habit of checking social media every now and then, but don't. So try to fix the time. Try to make it a routine during lunch time and stop using social media completely at night. The best thing is to do a social detox for a few days and uninstall social media apps for a while.