A woman’s machine got caught in a vessel making factory and she died

Anushka, a 25-year-old migrant woman, died after being trapped in the machine at Amit factory, which manufactures utensils on Amritsar road in Batala, Punjab. It is being told that the woman’s hair got stuck in the machine. While extracting them, she collided with the machine. After receiving the information, the police reached the spot and took the body into custody.

The family members have demanded justice
The parents of the deceased woman say that their daughter Anushka got married many years ago. She also has a daughter after marriage. Her husband has left her. He used to work at Amit Home Utensil Factory in Batala to support the child. He has demanded that justice be given to him.

Police officer Gurmeet Singh, who arrived at the said factory for investigation, said that the matter is being investigated after taking possession of the dead body. Whoever is negligent in this, action will be taken against him as per law.

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