A big accident happened in Muktsar, a bus full of passengers fell into the canal, 6 people died; Many people rushed:VIDEO


A Newdeep Company bus full of passengers fell into the Rajasthan canal from the twin canals passing near village Jhabelwali on the Muktsar-Kotakpura road, in which six people have died and around 7 people have been washed away in the canal.

However, 35 people have been rescued so far. Cabinet Minister Gurmeet Singh Khudian and MLA Kaka Brar have also reached the spot. Efforts are on to extricate the bus.

It is worth mentioning that due to hitting the iron angles on the canal bridge, half of the bus fell into the canal while the other half remained outside on the bridge. People reached there in large numbers after learning about this incident. There Deputy Commissioner Dr. Administrative officials including Ruhi Dug also reached the spot and the passengers are being taken out of the bus. Till the time of writing, the administrative staff was engaged in evacuating the passengers from the bus.


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