8 big shocks to Punjab BJP in 12 hours!

Bureau Report: The shock to the Punjab BJP on Friday morning due to Raj Kumar Verke’s leaving the party became bigger in the evening that the seat of Sunil Jakhar, who took over the state president’s chair 4 months ago, may also be in danger. On June 4, 2022, Jakhar inducted the former Congress cabinet ministers into the BJP, most of the BJP leaders have now rejoined the Congress.

Among those returning home in the Congress are the faces of 4 former ministers. Among them are 3-time MLA and former minister Rajkumar Verka, three-time winner and former minister Balbir Singh Sidhu from Mohali, 3-time MLA and former minister Gurpreet Singh Kangar from Rampura Phul and former minister Hansraj Joshan. All these leaders met with Congress National General Secretary Venugopal along with Punjab Congress State President Amarinder Singh Raja Waring and Leader of Opposition Pratap Singh Bajwa. It also includes 2 other big names. Earlier, former MLA from Talwandi Sabo, Jeet Mahinder Singh, left the Akali Dal after disciplinary action was taken against him. The other name was Mahendra Rinwa. Jeet Mahendra is a big name who won Talwandi Sabo election in 2012 on Congress ticket but in 2014 he resigned from the MLA post and joined Akali Dal and then won from Talwandi Sabo on Akali Dal election symbol. Then in 2017 and 2022, he contested from Talwandi Sabo from Akali Dal ticket but lost. Despite this, his stature is big in Talwandi Sabo.

Special of all Captains rejoining Congress

Balbir Singh Sidhu, Gurpreet Singh Kangar and Rajkumar Verka, who rejoined the Congress, were very close to Captain Amarinder Singh. Earlier there was a discussion that the Captain could also join the Congress again but he refused. However, after this news, his daughter Jayinder was made the president of Mahila Morcha by the party. But the troubles of party state president Sunil Jakhar may increase with the commotion on Friday.

Big headache for Jakhar

Earlier, it was being said that Sunil Jakhar’s becoming the BJP president is displeasing the traditional leaders of BJP and they may leave the party. It will be a big challenge for Jakhar to handle them. But leaving the leaders who were brought by Sunil Jakhar may prove to be a big challenge for him. The party high command can answer questions from them. What finally happened that these early leaders became disillusioned with BJP? The biggest reason behind this is that after joining the BJP, these leaders did not get the positions they expected. Secondly, they also thought that BJP would save them from vigilance cases, but it did not happen. Thirdly, if Congress and AAP reach an agreement for the Lok Sabha, then they can avoid vigilance. Fourthly, most of the former MLAs are also very powerful in politics from a personal point of view. Congress can also make him a candidate in the Lok Sabha.

‘There is unequal treatment in BJP’

When Raj Kumar Verka quit the BJP on Friday morning, he had alleged that there was unequal treatment in the party. He admitted that I have made a mistake and is going to correct it. Not only these, Verka had also claimed that the leaders who were traveling with him in the political journey would leave the Congress and join the BJP, which turned out to be true later in the evening.

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