50 thousand rupees for eating this omelette, you will not be hungry for five days, the challenge is 10 minutes: video


You must have seen many types of food in the world. These foodies face various challenges on social media. Recently a food stall owner in Gurugram also gave people a strange food challenge. This man has claimed that if anyone finishes the special paneer omelet he has prepared in ten minutes, he will reward him with fifty thousand rupees.

The person has also shared the recipe of this particular omelette on social media. Everyone was amazed to see this omelet being made. The maker of this particular omelette claims that after eating it you will not feel hungry for the next five days. The person says that since he started this challenge, no one has completed it till date. No one is able to finish it in ten minutes.

This is how it is prepared
Fifteen eggs are used to make this omelette. This egg is cooked in a whole Amul Butter packet. It is mixed with a large amount of paneer, paneer and various vegetables. Four rotis are also added to the omelette. Once the omelette is ready, another full packet of butter is melted and poured over it.

This is the price
Rajeev Omelet has started this challenge in Gurugram's Huda Market. Its price has been set at four hundred and forty rupees. That means this omelet of Rs 440 can give you a chance to earn Rs 50,000. The video of this challenge is going viral on social media. After seeing this, people wrote in the comments that with this omelette they will also get fifty heart attacks for free. One wrote that such unhealthy food should not be promoted. So much butter is not good for health.


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