10,000 deaths worldwide due to Corona in December! This is the main reason


Cases of corona virus have started coming again. This time this virus is affecting people with another new form. The United Nations released a report on Wednesday and said that 10,000 deaths have occurred due to Corona in the last month i.e. December. On this report, the head of the agency, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has described the social gatherings during the holidays as the reason for the increasing corona virus.

Tedros said there were nearly 10,000 deaths in December, while hospitalizations in 50 countries rose by 42 percent in the new year. Most of the cases have come from Europe and America.

world health organization says nearly 10,000 deaths were reported in December due to gatherings

The director general of the World Health Organization told reporters in Geneva that 10,000 deaths is far below the peak of the epidemic, but that the number of preventable deaths is unacceptable. He said that it is certain that cases are increasing in other places where reports are not coming and he asked the governments to keep vigilance and provide treatment and vaccination.

Tedros said that the JN.1 variant is now the fastest-growing in the world. It is an Omicron form, so current vaccines can also protect against it. WHO technical lead Maria von Kerkhove has said that in addition to the coronavirus, respiratory diseases have increased worldwide due to influenza, rhinovirus and pneumonia.

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So far, the total number of coronavirus cases in India since the initial outbreak in January 2020 has reached 4,50,19,819, while the total number of deaths has reached 5,33,406. In the last 24 hours, 605 new Covid cases have been reported in India and four people have died.

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