A man did such a dangerous act in a flying plane, the passengers tied his hands and feet.


If you have ever traveled on a flight, you will know how easy it is to travel by plane these days. There was a time when most of the people saw the plane flying in the sky and thought that they too could sit in the plane one day and now people who think like that are also seen traveling in the plane. However, it has been seen many times that people do strange movements in the flight, which causes trouble for other passengers. One such case is in the headlines these days, which has shocked people.

In fact, a person did such a dangerous thing while flying that the passengers in the plane tied his hands and feet. The case is related to an American Airlines flight from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Chicago. The whole case is something like this, the passengers were traveling comfortably, the flight was in the sky and meanwhile a passenger did not know what happened, he suddenly started trying to open the emergency gate of the flying plane. Meanwhile, when the passengers on the plane tried to stop him, he clashed with them and started a fight. In such a situation, the passengers were forced to tie his hands and feet with duct tape, so that he could not do such a thing again.

Later, an emergency landing of the flight was made and the accused person was handed over to the police. Pictures and videos of this strange incident are also going viral on social media. In the video, you can see how the passengers are trying to tie the accused, while the accused is trying his best to free himself from them.

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According to a report, just 30 minutes after the flight took off from Albuquerque Airport, the man approached the plane's emergency gate and started trying to open it by grabbing the handle. Fortunately, the passengers stopped him from doing so in time, otherwise the lives of all the passengers and crew members of the plane would have been at risk.

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