You will be proud to hear about the success of 5 daughters of Punjab!

Bureau Report: 5 daughters of Punjab have responded with their ability and success to those who make faces at the birth of their daughters. With the result of PCS, Malerkotladi Gulfam Saeed, Kapurthala’s Shivani, Batala’s Manmohan Preet, Barnala’s Anjali and Kiranjit Kaur have become judges. There is one person common in the success of these daughters, that is Punjab Haryana High Court lawyer Gurinder Pal Singh. Who did not let the dreams of the poor girls die, but gave them a hand. This dream was not easy for these daughters who became successful as judges. Someone’s father was a bus driver, someone’s auto, someone’s daughter was a poor farmer. It is very important for you to know the story of their becoming a judge. Because it is not only the door to the golden future of Punjab but also a unique example of courage and hard work.

Gulfam’s hard work will boost your spirits

First of all, Gulfam Saeed of Malerkotla is emotional and happy after becoming a judge. Gulfam from Punjab has secured the fifth place in the economically weaker section. Gulfam’s father Talib Hussain is a pickup truck driver. Gulfam has told that the family of 11 lives in 2 rooms. After becoming an advocate, he did not have money to build an office. The client could not come here and talk about the case. I didn’t have any vehicle and the court was far away from home. 3 to 4 years of the beginning were difficult. I did not have the money to pay the fees for the Judiciary Examination. Gulfam says that she thought that she did not make any mistake by choosing the profession of a lawyer.

Gulfam told that one day a message came in which it was written that PCS education is free. He thought it might be a fraud, but then he thought that he should call and see. When called, it came to know that a lawyer in Chandigarh is giving coaching to 20 weak children. But the question in front of him was that he will have to make arrangements for going to Chandigarh, staying and eating and drinking, for which it will cost 5 to 10 thousand rupees. He was not in a condition to spend this money. After thinking about all the things, Gulfam called lawyer Gurinder Singh not to do it, so he said come, if you have money to stay for one or two months then come and start studying. According to Gulfam, the family supported me. His lawyer wife and little 8 to 9 year old daughter also supported him. In 2019, Gulfam started coaching. Father did not have money to send money but Gurinder sir said daughter continue preparation, if need be I will sell my vessels too. His words inspired Gulfam a lot.

Gulfam said that she had given the paper of Haryana Judiciary and she was left with 5.5 marks. When he gave the paper now, he was afraid to see the result. He asked his father to check the result, then Gurinder sir’s call came in the middle of the day. He said, “Daughter played the drum. After hearing this, Gulfam has told me, I started crying.” There was a wave of happiness in the family. People around are coming to give me a boost. It seems like the whole city is happy with my success.

Gurinderpal Singh’s 13 children succeeded

On the success of Gulfam, Gurinder Singh said that Gulfam has worked very hard. They are very worried about him. Gurinderpal Singh said that the papers of 13 children studied with me have been cleared out of which 11 are girls. Gurinderpal said that Gulfam has achieved this position overcoming all the difficulties of the society. Gulfam says that where she comes from, daughters get married at a young age. The success that God has blessed him with, he will share it with others in his life.

Farmer’s daughter became a judge

The daughter of the breadwinner of the country has done a great job. Manmohanpreet Kaur of Batala has secured the first place in the EWS category in the PCS judicial examination for the first time. He said that my father is a small farmer but his dream of making his daughter successful was very big. Seeing my hard work, they stood behind me to increase the pride of the family. Manmohan did his primary education from Navodaya Vidyalaya in the village and then went to study in Pathankot. Where he decided to join the judicial service. Manmohan studied law and approached Chandigarh lawyer Gurinder Singh for PCS coaching who helped Gulfam.

Manmohan Kaur has told that she has reached this point today only thanks to Gurinder sir. Manmohan’s father told us that during the examination his health had deteriorated to such an extent that he was picked up and made to sit in the examination hall. But his dream is that the daughter of every family should get education. He said to the Punjabi youth who are studying abroad, we can fulfill our dreams by working hard in Punjab

Auto driver’s niece became a judge

Shivani, who cleared the PCS exam, also belongs to the SC category. He was brought up and educated by his mother. He secured the fourth position in the examination. Shivani has told that my uncle is an auto driver. He studied till 12th in Government Senior School Ghanta Ghar Kapurthala. After that he obtained LLB degree in a private college in Jalandhar. Then she approached Gurvinder Singh for coaching, who had given coaching to Gulfam Aet Manmohan.

Shivani’s maternal uncle has told that we did not have money for Shivani’s education. But all the people around him supported me. Shivani did not even have money to get coaching. But lawyer Gurinder Pal Singh always encouraged my daughter. Due to which she has become a judge.

Barnala’s 2 daughters became judges

2 daughters of Barnala passed the PCS exam. One is the daughter of a bus driver while the other is the daughter of a soldier. Soldier Balkar Singh’s daughter is Anjali Kaur and Punjab Roadways driver Harpal Singh’s daughter is Kiranjit Kaur. After retiring from the army, Balkar Singh is an employee in the traffic police. Daughter Anjali cleared the PCS test in the first attempt. He completed his education up to 12th from Kendriya Vidyalaya and BA LLB Integrated Course from Punjabi University, Patiala. Anjali has told that she studied for 12 to 14 hours and parents and teachers have contributed a lot to her. Mother is BD and she says I want our children to become officers.

Kiranjit Kaur, daughter of Punjab Roadways driver Harpal Singh, also studied up to 12th from a public school. After that passed BA LLB from GHG Institute of Law, Siddwan Khurd. Kiranjit’s father coached his daughter in a private school in Chandigarh despite the low salary. Kiranjit did not break his father’s trust and cleared the PCS exam. Kiranjit’s brother has also become a Patwari. Families are overjoyed at their children’s success.


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