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What India Thinks Today Satta Sammelan: The third day of the annual program What India Thinks Today of the country's largest news network TV9 is underway. Many veteran leaders are participating in the special power meeting of this conclave. Bollywood industry's big superstar Aamir Khan made his presence felt on this grand stage of TV9. Apart from this, Aamir's ex-wife Kiran Rao also participated in this program. He also talked about his upcoming film Lapata Ladies.

When this film was made, son Azad was young and I wanted to spend time with him. And I had a lot of fun with him. This film started to be made in 2018 and the work on it started. But it took time to get the script and casting right. About this gap, Aamir Khan said that after the success of Dhobi Ghat, Kiran was very excited and wanted to make her next film. But it was not possible. Now that Azad has grown up a bit, Kiran has become independent to do films. This is how this film was made.

Why was Aamir not in the film?

The writing team gave me a very good script. Its story was so spicy that it took time to introduce it to people as a different experience. If the script of the film was not so good, then this film could not have been made. Aamir was also asked about the casting in the film. Kiran was asked why he didn't cast Aamir Khan in the film. Reacting to this, Aamir laughed and said that he was rejected for the film. Ravi was a good choice and both agreed to him for the film.

Aamir Khan talked about upcoming projects

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan also told about his upcoming projects. He said that I am working in the film Sitare Zameen Par. This film will release at the end of this year. I will play the lead role in this film. Apart from this, I also consider Missing Ladies as my film because I am associated with this film. Apart from these two films, my film Ati Sundar will also be released. This film will come in 6 months.