WITT: From the young badminton star to the special cricketer, these players got the Nakshatra Samman anmol kharb and amir hussain got nakshtra award at witt punjabi news


WITT: From the young badminton star to the special cricketer, these players got the Nakshatra honor

There is a huge enthusiasm among the common people for sports and sportsmen in India. Sportspersons get a lot of love and support and also become a source of inspiration for crores of Indians. In its special program 'What India Thinks Today', the country's largest news network TV9 honored sportspersons who have achieved similar achievements in their respective sports and who inspire people. India's legendary badminton player Pullela Gopichand conferred Nakshatra honors on young badminton star Anmol Kharab and para-cricketer Aamir Hussain Lone.

The second season of the TV9 network event began on Sunday, February 25 in the nation's capital, New Delhi. The first day of the three-day event saw an important discussion on sports, in which Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur spoke about India's success in the Olympics and the government's plans to host it in the country. Sports luminaries like Pullela Gopichand, Latika Khaneja, Pir Nobar spoke about how opportunities for other sports are increasing in India.

Anmol who made India a champion

During this, TV9 network also gave Nakshatra Samman to the players. Anmol Kharab, who made her mark in the world of badminton at the age of just 20, was conferred the Nakshatra Samman by Pullela Gopichand. Anmol Kharab won the National Championship at the age of just 16, while in 2022 she managed to reach the quarter-finals of the Asian Junior Championship. Anmol Kharab contributed significantly to India's biggest achievement this year. She was a member of the Indian women's team that won the Badminton Asian Team Championship in Malaysia. India won the gold medal in this event for the first time.

Aamir became a cricketer while facing difficulties

Apart from Anmol, Jammu and Kashmir's para cricketer Aamir Hussain Lone was also given Nakshatra honor by Pullela Gopichand. Aamir, who lost both his hands at the age of just 8, never lost his passion for cricket and made a mark by playing powerful shots with the bat around his neck. He is the captain of the Jammu and Kashmir para cricket team and is an inspiration to millions of youngsters.