With the attack on the Gaza hospital, the whole world is in turmoil, on the basis of these 6 proofs, the US has told Israel that it is innocent.

More than 500 people were killed in an Israeli airstrike on a hospital in Gaza. A large number of children were killed in this attack. This attack took place before US President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel. Palestine has blamed Israel for the attack. The Palestinian Authority shared a tweet from Israel’s Defense Ministry spokesperson Hananya Naftali, in which she clearly stated that Israel had the hospital had attacked where “several Hamas terrorists have been killed.”

Apart from these, the videos shared by Israel have also allegedly been deleted, in which, according to Israel’s theory, a rocket coming from behind is seen falling on the hospital. Meanwhile, the US has absolved Israel of responsibility for the hospital attack on the basis of 6 sources.

6 Proofs US Presents: US Gives Israel Clean Chit and Absolves Benjamin Netanyahu Regime of Responsibility for Attack on Gaza Hospital. The Biden administration said Israel was not responsible for the attack on the Gaza hospital. There are six sources for this American assessment, including:

Missile activities
Overhead imagery
Open source video of the event
Pictures of the event

Hamas-Islamic Jihad talks: According to US claims, in the Gaza Strip Hamas fighters also believed that a failed rocket fire on the hospital caused the disaster. For example, Israel’s Ministry of Defense released an audio recording of an alleged conversation between Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad fighters. The US believes this alleged evidence gathered by Israel to be true.

Accusations and counter-accusations: The Palestinian Authority and Hamas have unanimously blamed Israel for the attack on the hospital. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his administration rejected the Palestinian-Hamas claims. Along with this, he gave the theory of the attack on the hospital, in which the Islamic Jihad from Gaza was held responsible. However, Israel has admitted that they were carrying out airstrikes in the vicinity during the destruction at the hospital.

US President Joe Biden’s address: During his visit to Israel, President Biden expressed solidarity with Israel and described the attack by Hamas as a terrorist attack. He reiterated his commitment to fully support Israel. Also clearly stated that Israel is not responsible for the hospital attack. Along with this, the death of 260 people killed in one place in the attacks of Hamas was declared as the worst ‘massacre’ since the Holocaust. Along with this, he announced 100 million dollars in aid for Israel.

After the return of Biden, Israeli attacks intensified: After a brief 12-hour lull, Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel resume and on Gaza Israeli attack continue Attacks by Israel did not stop even during Biden’s visit. Protests against America are also taking place all over the world. Talks are ongoing with Arab allies and they are constantly warning Israel to stop its attacks on Gaza.