Why is there an arrow next to the petrol tank on the dashboard of the vehicle? Hardly anyone will know the reason


Ajab Gajab: People learn to drive cars, but sometimes they do not have the unique information related to cars. Many people, when they are older, they find interesting things related to cars and they are surprised. That even after driving a car or a bike all his life, he didn't know these things.

Something similar happened to a woman in England who found out why there is an arrow in the armpit of the petrol tank on the dashboard of the car. She expressed her surprise while sharing this information on social media. .

According to the report, a London-based social media influencer recently posted a Tiktok video on the social media platform in which she is telling her viewers what the arrows on the dashboard of a vehicle mean. Wrote that this is an easy life hack.

The woman explained why an arrow is made

The woman is sitting in her car and showing her surprise to the people. She then pans the camera towards her dashboard and says that she found out today why there is an arrow next to the petrol tank sign. She said. That when the petrol starts to run out, it blinks an arrow on the tank. Actually, the arrow tells which side of the car the small door of the tank is built. Through it, when people take their vehicle to the petrol pump Take the car with the arrow

They stand in such a direction, with which they can fill oil easily.
The woman asked people if there is anyone else who does not know about it… so many people commented on the post and said that they are also like that.


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