Why eye drops become dangerous after 28 days, understand the whole story from the doctor, later use may cause problems


Dr. Richa Pyare told that preservatives are used in eye drops.
If eye drops are used even after the date, then it can cause infection.

Eye Drop Expire After 28 Days: The speed at which air pollution is increasing, today everyone has problems related to the eyes. Even more so, the screens of mobiles, TVs and gadgets are becoming an enemy for the eyes. The situation is that even children of 2 to 3 years have to wear glasses. Most of the people have to use eye drops. However, when we use eye drops, we leave it open for many days, whereas on many eye drops, a precaution is written that it should not be used after 28 days of opening. Although some people do not pay attention to this. But if it is used even after 28 days of opening the seal of the bottle, then serious diseases related to the eyes can come to the fore. If it is used for a long time, then the eyesight can also go away.

After all, why shouldn’t it be used after 28 days of opening the eye drop? News 18 spoke to Retina and uvea specialist at Shroff Eye Center regarding this issue. Dr. Richa Pyare talked to. He told that eyes are a very delicate part of our body. Eye drop bottle is very sensitive. If we use the eye drop even after a month of opening it, then it will cause infection.

why not use
Dr. Richa Pyare told that preservatives are used in eye drops. Preservatives are used because it preserves the contents of the eye drops. Actually, preservatives are used to protect against infection by bacteria, virus or fungus. It is used in most medicines. Due to preservatives, the growth of bacteria, virus or fungus in medicines becomes very slow or does not happen at all. For how many days a medicine can remain safe from the contamination of these micro-organisms, it is written on the leaf of the bottle. Most of the medicines remain free from infection for a long time, but in some eye drops, it is instructed not to use after 28 days after opening the seal. Dr. Richa said that after opening the seal, the eye drop becomes contaminated within a certain period of time. In this situation, there is a fear of infection on using eye drops, because the life of the preservatives used in the medicine is only this much.

What will happen if someone uses it even after 28 days?

Dr. Richa has told that if the eye drops are used even after one month after opening the seal, then the risk of many types of infections increases. He told that due to this the black colored pupil in the eye is most prone to infection. In serious condition, the black pupil starts turning white. This can cause permanent scarring of the pupil. Apart from this, conjunctivitis infection can also happen. In very serious condition, eyesight can also go away. Dr. Richa told that there have been some cases in which the patient’s pupil has been damaged and the light has also gone out of it.

If you take it even after a month, then these symptoms are visible.

If it is used even after the time given in the eye drop, then redness starts coming in the eyes after infection. Too much water starts coming from the eyes. There is pain in the eyes. If you see such symptoms, immediately consult a doctor.

How to use eye drops
Dr. Richa told that when you are using eye drops, clean your hands first. After this, hands should be washed even after using the drop. One month after opening the bottle, it should be thrown in a safe place. Eye drops should be kept in a clean place.

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