Why are 10 thousand workers being sent to Israel from India? 1.40 lakh rupees will be given every month


Looking for Indian skilled Indian workers to Israel, Salary more than 1.37 lakh rupees
Why are 10 thousand laborers being sent from India to Israel (Pic Credit: Tv9hindi.com)

Many buildings and infrastructure have been damaged there during the ongoing conflict between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas. In such a situation, there is a need for labor on a large scale. The conflict has displaced the local people there. People from the Gaza Strip are unable to travel to Israel for work, which has severely affected construction.

In response to this demand, Israel has requested the Indian government to send a large number of construction workers, with a proposal to recruit nearly one lakh workers. As part of this initiative, preparations are being made to send ten thousand construction workers from Uttar Pradesh. Let us tell you that the workers have already agreed to go to Israel for work. It is being told that about 10,000 construction workers of the state are to be sent to Israel.

Why is Israel being sent?

Workers sent to Israel for construction work will be contracted for a minimum of one year and a maximum of 5 years. Skilled in masonry, tiling, stone laying and iron welding, these workers have been identified and their names have been handed over to the government for further action. After they get the green flag, their passport, visa and other necessary arrangements will be made by the concerned authorities.

Workers of this age are being sent to Israel

The workers who will be sent will be paid around Rs 1,40,000 per month. The company will first interview the workers and then they will be selected. Construction workers moving to Israel must be registered with the Labor Department for three years and be between the ages of 21 and 45. Workers traveling to Israel will have to bear their own travel expenses.