The noise of the heart, the hearing held in the court to take back the heart…


The noise of the heart, the hearing held in the court to take back the heart... a matter of fact
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A shocking case has come out from Alabama, USA. Prisoners in the jail here had died. When their bodies were returned to their families, several organs, including the heart, were missing from the bodies. After this, the family members of the inmates have filed a case against the Alabama Prison Department. It said that when their bodies were returned to their families, the heart was missing and the whole body was charred.

The family of deceased inmate Brandon Clay Dotson filed a lawsuit against the Alabama Department of Corrections and others last month. Dotson died in an Alabama prison in November. Along with this, in a petition filed in the court last week, the daughter of another deceased prisoner, Charles Edward Singleton, said that when her father's body was returned in 2021, all his body parts were missing.

Fear the family

Dotson was 43 years old. He was found dead on November 16 at the Ventress Correctional Facility. According to the case, his family suspects that there is a conspiracy behind his death. They hired a pathologist to examine the body. Meanwhile, it was found that the heart was missing from the dead body. Dotson's family has filed a lawsuit to find out why his heart was removed and to have the heart returned to them.

The case filed said that the bodies have been tampered with and that doing so amounts to a crime against humanity. The family's lawyer told the court that when the family members of the deceased tried to know why the heart was taken out, they were not given any information.

A hearing was held in the Dotson case last week. According to media reports, no information was given during the hearing about how the heart disappeared and where it is. Dotson's family argued in the case that Hurt was given to the University of Alabama at Birmingham's medical school for research purposes. But the university's lawyers dismissed the speculation as baseless and said their college did not perform an autopsy, nor did they have his heart.