When the blood sugar level increases, these 5 parts of the body give a signal


Diabetes Symptoms In Body Parts: In today’s time, diabetes has become a common disease. Sometimes people don’t get the signs. But some parts of our body start giving signals on time. When the blood sugar level in the body increases, many other diseases also surround it, due to which many parts of the body start to get damaged. In such a situation, it is very important for you to know how you can understand that your blood sugar level is high, before diabetes occurs. Find out hereโ€ฆ.

If your eyesight starts to dim or you see things blurry, it could be a sign of diabetes. Increasing the blood sugar level in the body has a bad effect on the eyes. Due to which sometimes you cannot see distant things clearly. For this you also have to wear glasses.

When a person is at risk of diabetes, the first symptoms are tingling in his hands and feet. If you feel like this every other day, be aware. Numbness in the feet can also be seen as a sign of diabetes.

Because in diabetes, the nerves of the person’s body start to weaken. Due to which the blood does not reach the different parts of the body through the blood vessels. If you have any kind of problem in your kidneys, you may have diabetes. It is a major cause of diabetes. In fact, when the body’s blood sugar level increases, the kidneys cannot function properly. Due to which you get frequent urination problem.

Bleeding gums are also one of the early symptoms of diabetes. If your gums bleed continuously, you should consult a doctor. In such a case, when a person’s gums bleed, the smell also starts coming.

If you have an injury in your body and that wound does not heal quickly, then understand that it is a symptom of diabetes. Also, the amount of sugar in the body has increased. Taking time to heal wounds can be a sign of diabetes.

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