We will not leave the murderers alive… mob attack on Israelis in Russia, attempted beating at the airport


We will not leave the murderers alive... mob attack on Israelis in Russia, attempted beating at the airport
Photo Credit: tv9hindi.com

In the midst of the Israel-Hamas war, there are protests in support of Hamas in many countries of the world, but such a demonstration has never been seen in Russia. A mob attacked and tried to lynch Israelis at Makhachkala Airport in the Russian state of Dagestan. As the protesters received information that a flight was arriving from Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, the crowd surrounded the flight on the runway. Thousands of Muslims broke through the gate of the airport and entered. The situation became so bad that special forces had to be called in to stop the rioters.

‘We will not spare the killers of children’

The crowd carried Palestinian flags and chanted slogans such as We will not spare the killers of children. The crowd reportedly began looking for Jews among the passengers on the flight. The crowd kept checking the passport of every passenger. The airport also had to be closed for some time after massive protests. It was the biggest demonstration against Israel three days after the Hamas meeting in Russia. Russia’s Dagestan has a large Muslim population.

Israel summoned the Russian ambassador

Let us tell you that after this incident, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement and warned Russia. Netanyahu has called for an immediate end to attacks on Jewish students. Israel has summoned the Russian ambassador and expressed concern over the security of the Israeli people in Russia. The Israeli ambassador to Russia is in contact with the Kremlin. Israel is also tough on hosting Hamas representatives in Moscow.

Gunshots were also heard

What was seen at a Russian airport with a plane arriving from Israel was rarely seen since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. When this incident happened at the Dagestan airport, a helicopter was also present at the airport. According to reports, gunshots were also heard in the crowd.