We just don’t get time– Punjabi Akhbaar

Today, when we meet someone, most people often hear the same thing that we don’t have time. Whether it is health care or writing or reading literature. We easily put off by saying that we don’t have time. The thing to think about is that we all have the same 24 hours. Out of these 24 hours, how, where, how and in what manner do we spend the remaining daily time apart from our daily work? That’s just a big thing to think about. We often waste three to four hours of our precious time daily for no reason on mobile phones, watching television, gossiping, laziness, sitting here and there etc. We often never think seriously about the daily futility of this time, but it is a very serious subject. We also know very well that time can never be bought, stopped and fixed at one place. That is why time is called precious and priceless. Now it is a matter of thinking and understanding that we have time available to waste two to four hours daily in this way, but to take care of our health, to read good literature and good inspiring books, to learn something new, to do the welfare of the society. Interest, why we don’t have time to write something good or sit at home – family? Then it has to be said that time is equal with all of us, but due to not dividing our time properly and due to lack of planning of tasks according to time, we waste at least two-three hours of our precious 24 hours in unnecessary tasks. We only lose on cars. If we save two-three hours of daily precious time from wasting, then we can save about 90 hours in a month and about 1100 hours in a year and during this time we can learn something good and new, read, You can do something new or fulfill your hobby. We can also dedicate some of our time for the welfare of our society and country, the environment and the welfare of animals. Although this matter is small; But is very serious and understanding and accepting. Apart from this, we should make a list of our daily workers according to the time allocation so that all the daily tasks can be carried out in a timely manner and prevent wastage of time. Although this thing looks very small, but its results are very meaningful, far-reaching, surprising, effective and bring great change and revolution in life. Come on! Today, let us spend the precious, priceless and never-returnable and never-buyable time carefully and cautiously, and by saving it daily, let us spend the remaining time in a meaningful way; Because we can achieve a lot in life by using time very carefully, appropriately and consciously. Come on! Let us become aware of the daily futility of time from today and now so that we too can lead our lives to success and greater heights.

Madam Rajini Dharmani

Madam Rajini Dharmani

Village โ€“ Sadhewal

(Sri Anandpur Sahib)

(The author’s name is listed in the “India Book of Records” for literature)

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