War will be faster! 57 countries said – we will give all kinds of help to Palestine, these 20 decisions were taken


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation called the attack on Gaza’s Al-Ahli Arab Hospital a “war crime” at a meeting in Jeddah. Muslim countries have completely rejected that claim, in which the Israeli government is denying the attack on the hospital. The OIC Executive Committee meeting was held in Jeddah on Wednesday. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden was in Israel to show his solidarity with the Jews. The US vetoed the resolution condemning Israel.

1. An appeal to stop the Israeli attack: The Organization of Islamic Nations called for an immediate end to Israeli military attacks against the Palestinian people and an end to the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. The committee has strongly condemned the targeting of civilians and destruction of infrastructure.

2. Freedom to provide humanitarian assistance: The Group of Islamic Nations appealed to all countries to provide humanitarian, medical and relief aid, including water and electricity, to the Gaza Strip. The Committee stressed the danger of targeting civilians and urged the immediate opening of humanitarian corridors.

3. Condemnation of targeting hospitals: Muslim countries strongly condemned the targeting of Al-Ahli Hospital in the Gaza Strip and called for international intervention to stop these war crimes. Blamed Israel for ruining the future of civilians in the Gaza Strip.

4. Protection of citizens: OIC stressed on protection of civilians. He also condemned the violation of international laws by the Israeli army in Gaza.

5. Anger at the displacement of civilians: The OIC has rejected orders to evacuate the northern part of the Gaza Strip, where millions have been displaced. The Israeli army is also raining bombs in the southern region. Expressed concern over the prevention of displacement and the compensation and return of the Palestinian people.

6. Questions on the failure of the Security Council: A group of Islamic countries strongly condemned the UN General Assembly for not taking decisive action and stopping the war crimes of the Israeli army. The organization urged the Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities to maintain international peace and security.

7. Appeal to the United Nations and the Security Council: Urged the United Nations and the Security Council to take immediate measures to end the attacks against the Palestinian people, allow the entry of humanitarian aid, protect civilians and stop the escalating humanitarian catastrophe. The OIC blamed the Israeli army directly for this.

8. West Bank and Al-Quds: Warned against growing attacks by Israeli forces and “colonial terrorism” in al-Quds and the West Bank. The committee emphasized the importance of preserving the sanctity of the holy places in Al-Quds and providing full security for the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

9. Support for the State of Palestine: Affirmed support to the Government of the State of Palestine at all levels, including political, economic and legal assistance, to prevent crimes committed by Israeli occupation authorities.

10. Condemnation of international leaders: Committee condemns international leaders who support Israeli aggression and impunity for Israel. OIC. accused foreign leaders of fomenting the conflict and criticized supporters of punishing the Palestinian people.

11. Emphasis on advancing the peace process: Islamic countries stressed that peace, security and stability in the region cannot be achieved without ending the Israeli occupation and empowering the Palestinian people with their rights, including self-determination, freedom and return. .

12. An appeal to start a political corridor: Urged international leaders to end the illegal Israeli occupation and advance the two-state formula within a clear time frame.

13. Proceedings of OIC Missions: The OIC said the missions of the member states are urged to convey the OIC’s missions to the countries and international organizations to which they are accredited, and to condemn the attack and provide the necessary humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people. . Work to provide supplies.

14. Diplomatic, legal measures: Urged Member States to implement feasible and effective measures, including diplomatic, legal and preventive measures, to stop Israel’s crimes against humanity.

15. Abnormal CFM meeting: An extraordinary Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) meeting has been convened at the General Secretariat headquarters to discuss Israel’s ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

16. Duties for the Secretary-General: The Secretary-General is tasked to identify effective and concrete measures as soon as possible and present them at the next extraordinary CFM meeting.

17 – International protection for the Palestinian people: Emphasizes the need for international protection for the Palestinian people, in accordance with international humanitarian law. It has requested the deployment of international security forces to save innocent lives from ongoing attacks by Israeli forces and “colonial terrorism”.

18 – Reporting on the incident: The Secretary-General is directed to monitor the implementation of the final message and to report on it at the next meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers.

19 – Israel responsible for the hospital attack: To ‘rub salt in Palestinian wounds’, Biden backs Israel’s claim that its forces did not bomb hospital, OIC meeting chaired by Saudi Arabia bolsters support for Israel and US condemned and held Israel directly responsible for the “brutal” attack.

20 – Bombing the hospital a war crime: In the OIC’s joint statement, the bombing of the hospital was considered a “war crime, catastrophe and gross violation of international humanitarian law and ethics”.