Very sad: the road of the son who was sent to Canada after taking a loan

Gurjinder Singh, a resident of village Banmajra (resident of Shambhu Clan) in Mohali district of Punjab, was seriously injured in a road accident on October 6 while returning to Brampton from college. He died on October 23 while undergoing treatment at the hospital. He went to study in Canada last year.

Kuldeep Singh, a resident of village Shambhu Kalan, sent his son Gurjinder Singh to Canada with a real estate loan in August last year. Gurjinder Singh lived in a rented house in Brampton. While returning from college in the car, a speeding truck hit the car on Khadi Road.

Gurjinder Singh was seriously injured in this road accident and was admitted to the hospital. Later he died. The body of Gurjinder Singh has reached village Shambhu Kalan, where he was cremated.

The family members of the deceased youth said that when they got the information, they appealed to the Constituency MLA Gurlal Singh Ghanour and other high administrative officials to bring the body of their boy to the village (Shambhu Kalan) but no one helped. The friends of the deceased youth studying in Canada decided to withhold the college fees and send the body to Punjab with that money.

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