Uproar at a wedding ceremony in Jalandhar, angry youths beat up the caterer-waiter due to delay in food – Punjabi news | Fight in wedding ceremony in Jalandhar know in Punjabi

There was a lot of commotion at a wedding ceremony late at night in Mithu Basti of Jalandhar city. When the meal was late, the young people who came to the wedding severely beat up the caterer and his staff. The caterer has alleged that an attempt was made to throw him in the oven. Late at night, his family took the injured Keterer to the Civil Hospital. A complaint has been lodged in this regard at the Bawa Basti Khel police station.

Inderjit Singh, who works in catering, said that the young people who came to the wedding had drunk alcohol. He asked their waiter for some food and drink. But he was a little late. On this he started beating the waiter. When he went to rescue the waiter, they started beating him too. Inderjit said that if people had not saved him, he would have thrown him in the oven.

The catering owner broke his teeth

Bhai Amritpal Singh, elder brother of Inderjit, a catering contractor, said that when he was at home, a boy came running and said, “Come quickly, some youths are beating Inderjit and the staff at the wedding.” When he arrived at the wedding, he was holding Inderjit near the oven. They were saying they would throw it in the oven.

The youth were under the influence of alcohol. They beat up his brother and the waiter just because they ordered food. The waiter was a little late in delivering. Amritpal said that the attackers also broke two teeth of his brother. After getting his medical done, a complaint was lodged at Basti Bawa Khel police station. Police are investigating.

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