Those who committed corruption are now afraid of the vigilance, they are demonstrating to defame the Punjab government – Punjabi news | Not us, the previous governments did the boat of Punjab-CM, Know full detail in punjabi


Punjab News CM Bhagwant Mann arrived on the second day of Kisan Mela in Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. Chief Minister (Chief Minister) Honored five leading farmers for their contribution in agriculture. Apart from this, he mentioned the achievements of the state government so far. In these, giving 300 units of free electricity in Punjab and opening of Aam Aadmi Party Mohalla Clinic was specially mentioned.

apart from Punjabi (Punjab) There was a discussion about the work being done to improve the condition of the roads and curb corruption. Targeting the opponents, Mann said that his government provided facilities to the people but previous governments committed corruption and those who committed corruption are now afraid of vigilance. They are protesting against the Punjab government to defame.

We made 300 units of electricity free

He said that Punjab Govt (Punjab Govt) He has fulfilled most of the promises made to the people before the assembly elections in the first phase itself. He said that the government has fulfilled the promise of providing 300 units of free electricity in Punjab as soon as it came to power. Because of this, today 85 percent of people in Punjab do not pay their electricity bills. Zero bill is coming. This is the biggest gift ever given to Punjabis.

Previous governments have continuously committed scams

He said that previous governments used to do various scams for their own benefit and people were not getting the benefit of it. But we have stopped all this. Due to this, people are being given free electricity. Electricity Board subsidy money is being given continuously. He said that the Punjab government will establish other aspects of development in the near future. This will benefit the people and the rapid development of Punjab. Mann described 640 mohalla clinics as a big achievement.

Millions of people sought treatment in Mohalla clinics

He said that today more than 50 lakh people have received free treatment from these mohalla clinics. He assured to open more mohalla clinics in the near future. Mann said that improving the health of Punjab is also our task. He said that the government is also making strong efforts to prevent drugs.

Our young generation is coming out of drug addiction. The police are constantly arresting drug traffickers and putting them in jails. Bhagwant Mann said about some big leaders of the previous governments without naming names that there was a lot of corruption in Punjab during the previous government. Punjab was looted with both hands. There was no work without money but today corruption has been eradicated in Punjab.


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