This thing is found only on earth, nowhere else in the universe, you will not be able to estimate the price


You must have heard a lot about the most expensive things in the world. But is there something that is abundant on Earth, but nowhere else in the universe? Diamonds are found in abundance in the world and diamonds are also found in abundance in the universe. It also rains diamonds on many planets. But Earth is the only place in the universe discovered so far where wood is found. yes You may be surprised to know that wood is not found anywhere else in the universe except Earth, nor is it formed by a star or any other astronomical process.

It is clear that from an astronomical point of view, wood must be the most expensive object in the universe. It can only form on Earth through biological processes. It can only be formed by the formation of trees and the existence of life is essential for the formation of trees and at this time only life exists on earth.

In this sense, wood must be the most expensive commodity in the universe. However, there are some woods that are considered to be the most expensive woods in the world. The reason such woods are so expensive is because they are so rare. The reason why the price of wood increases is because of its smell, its beauty and its use as furniture.

Amazon Rosewood is considered to be the most expensive wood in the world today. This magnificent wood is considered very beautiful and is only found in Brazil, Peru, Colombia and their surrounding areas. Its high demand makes it the most expensive wood in the world.

Along with this, Gabon ebony wood found in the forests of Gabon and Cameroon in Africa is also in high demand due to its beauty. The same is true of African blackwood. Which is very rare. After these woods, sandalwood comes in fourth place. This wood is found only in India. Its price is 12 to 16 thousand rupees per kg. Sandalwood is used especially in small artefacts, fragrances, incense sticks etc. It is not commonly used in furniture.


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