The bride died suddenly for wearing the groom's jamala, the groom also fainted: Watch the video


A heart-wrenching case has come to light in Swahwala village of Jalalabad constituency, where a 23-year-old bride, Neelam Rani, died during omens being performed at the time of marriage. Seeing the death of the bride, the groom also fainted, who was found dead by the family members. He has been immediately admitted to the hospital. Indeed, the wedding ceremonies are going on happily, the barat came and the funeral processions were also held.

After the visits, the girl suddenly felt nervous, after which the doctor was called for an examination on the spot and regular medicine was also given. After that, when the girl felt a little better, she was taken to the stage for Jaymala. Where the stage As soon as she sat on the couch, the bride Neelam fainted and died within seconds. Not only this, the groom also fainted as the girl died and was rushed to the hospital.

The wrath of God was seen at the village of Sawahwala. After this incident, a wave of mourning spread throughout the village. The parents of the deceased Neelam Rani, the girl's father-in-law, have given information in this regard.


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