This stormy train will reach Patna from Delhi in just 1 hour


VK Saraswat, a member of the Policy Commission, has issued a statement regarding the entry of high speed loopers in India. In which he said that India has its own hyperloop technology Ability to bring and work Delays are certain, so permits should be issued to foreign companies to develop this technology. Leading a committee on the commercial and technological feasibility of the Virgin Hyperloop technology, Saraswat said the regulatory mechanism should be implemented in India as safety is a major issue in the Hyperloop technology.

stormy train will reach Patna
stormy train will reach Patna

“The Hyperloop is a high-speed train that runs inside a vacuum tube,” Saraswat said. We have found that there are two ways to do this. In this, first of all, foreign companies should demonstrate it. And second, serious research and development must be done in this direction. “Our investigation shows that India itself has the potential to develop this technology,” he said. But it will take a long time, so foreign companies should be given a chance to do it in Karnataka or Maharashtra. Apart from this, Saraswat has also emphasized on taking the issue of security seriously.

Hyperloop is a technique proposed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Virgin Hyperloop is currently working on passenger travel. Let me tell you that permission has been granted for Virgin Hyperloop in Maharashtra, in which Virgin will be working on the Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop project. In November 2020, the Virgin Hyperloop was tested in Las Vegas, USA, on a 500 meter track. It tested the tube with passengers, including an Indian. The hyperloop was seen moving at a speed of more than 387 kmph during the test. It should also be mentioned that this train can run at a maximum speed of 1,080 kmph.

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