This person used to sit on a bicycle in the cold, his condition was bad, he played such a native trick, the video went viral within minutes.


What measures do people not take to avoid the cold? Some people beat the cold by building a fire while others stay inside the quilt. But there are many mischievous people who try to ward off the cold with their strange style.

In such a situation, when his style is strange, it is natural for him to go viral. One such unique and funny video is going viral on social media, in which a person is keeping burning wood under the seat of a bicycle. Due to this joke, his seat got hot. In such a situation where his condition used to deteriorate while sitting on a bicycle in the cold, he is seen riding the bicycle with fun.

In fact, there is a box just below the seat, in which a person keeps burning wood. The bicycle seat is also made of iron. In such a case, this wood will also remain hot due to decomposition. This means that when you ride this bike even in extreme cold, you will feel warm. In this video, it can also be seen how the person happily sits on the 'hot seat' of the bicycle after playing jugad. However, this bike is only for children. This video of Jugaad is going viral fast but it is also dangerous.

On social media, people are showering love on this video of a trick to avoid cold, while some people are also imparting knowledge. Along with this, there are many people who are winning people's hearts by making funny comments. One person wrote that it is a unique gift for a cyclist in the cold, while another user wrote that it is nonsense. So someone is writing, whose idea was it? However, information about where this video is from has not been found.


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